Players Cup

What is the Scarsdale Recreation Players Cup? 
The Scarsdale Recreation Players Cup is similar to the idea of the Olympics.  Points are awarded to each area based on participation and performance in a variety of Recreation Department activities.   

How does it work?
Points will be allocated to each individual that has signed up for one of the Recreation Youth Sports from their respective school (Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres, Heathcote, or Quaker Ridge.)  If you’re not into sports, don’t worry!  We also include the Halloween Window Painting Contest in the list of activities that points are awarded for as well!
Come in first place and receive 3 points, come in second place and receive 2 points, or come in third and receive 1 point. You also gain points from simply signing up and participating in our Youth Sports Program or Halloween Window Painting programs.  Each area will have their points tallied up throughout the year, and standings will be posted on this website for participants and parents to view.  

What's the reward?
At the end of the year when all of the points have been tallied, the Recreation Department will throw a pizza party at the Scarsdale Pool Complex for the school that has gained the most points, and that school will also receive the Scarsdale Recreation Players Cup Trophy to hold onto until next years Players Cup!


Players Cup Standings as of June 6, 2016