Information Technology

The Information Technology (I.T.) Department (“Department”) provides technical and administrative support for the use of technology in the operation and management of Village services. The Village receives 220,000 emails a month, of which 36,500 are allowed. The Village's mail servers store over 3.4 million items in 288 mailboxes. The Village’s website is hosted in Kansas City, Kansas, to provide independent, uninterrupted service in the event of loss of power or data at Village Hall, this site receives approximately 16,000 visits every month (December 2015). The Department addresses hardware and software issues for the purpose of integrating data and providing beneficial information throughout the organization to assist management in decision making, custom modifications to existing software, and upgrades a number of desktops and laptops annually. Additionally, the Department upgrades shared servers to virtual servers and separate their functions to improve application performance and isolate failure modes, as well as, manages the network intrusion detection devices, software, firewalls, antivirus and regular cyber-attack drills safeguard Village data from internet hackers.

Primary applications, such as Finance and Payroll/Human Resources are processed through New World System’s Logos.Net system. This live, browser-based system can be accessed by any one of the Village’s 160 personal computers and laptops. 40 Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2012 servers provide file, web, e-mail, spam and antivirus filtering and interactive online information and transaction services.

The Department performed the following tasks in fiscal year 2015-2016: 1) upgraded the Village’s Time and Attendance software, and integrated it with the Village’s payroll software to improve the efficiencies of staff; 2) installed high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi at Village Hall, and deployed older access points to DPW facilities and 3) upgraded the Village’s backup equipment to extend retention up to 90 days, and to automatically off-site backups. The Department will assist in a Village web site redesign, to support a wider variety of devices (including tablets and smartphones), and to improve the organization and functionality of the site. This will include assisting Village departments in the use of social media as another method of informing residents. Also scheduled is an upgrade of the Village’s 210 IP phones and higher-speed internet circuits.