Ad-Hoc Committee on Communications

Informing and Engaging Scarsdale Residents through Enhanced Communications

The Committee on Communications supports successful launch of the Village’s new website, a communications platform providing residents with 24/7 information access and opportunities for engagement in local government affairs, and will present written recommendations to the Village Board for strengthening the Village's communication strategies and cultivating engagement opportunities with the diversity of audiences it serves. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Village Board of Trustees. The Committee's charge is as follows:

  1. Review new website content, functionality, and user-friendliness, making suggestions for enhancements;
  2. Develop a plan to gain community usage, seeking widespread adoption. As ambassadors for the new communications platform, engage with community groups to both increase awareness and usage of the website, and to introduce website functionality; and
  3. Drawing on expertise and best practices, provide strategies to improve Village communications.  Prepare written recommendations to the Village Board identifying important community segments or audiences, linking appropriate communication methods and channels to identified segments, and suggesting prioritization of associated programmatic and investment needs within the context of existing fiscal constraints. 

​Committee Members

Trustee Jane Veron, Tompkins Road, Chair 
Trustee Deborah Pekarek, Greenacres Ave, Village Board Liaison
Justin Arest, Lakin Road
Lee Fischman, Wildwood Road
Dara Gruenberg, Hampton Road
Laura Halligan, Heathcote Road
Justin Hamill, Colby Lane
Mary Louise (ML) Perlman, Carstensen Road
Barry Meiselman, Post Road
Scott Rompala, Horseguard Lane
Andrew Sereysky, Walworth Avenue
Carol Silverman, Spier Road
obert Cole, Deputy Village Manager, Staff Liaison

Comments, questions, and inquiries can be submitted by email using

In addition, please visit the Welcome to Our New Website page to learn about the tools available to you, as well as to share your thoughts about the new website. 

Actions, Reports & Resolutions of the Ad-Hoc Communications Committee