Food Scrap Recycling / Food Scrap Composting

Beginning January 09, 2017, the Village of Scarsdale began accepting resident food scraps for recycling at no charge. The drop-off location and hours are as follows:

Scarsdale Recycling Center
110 Secor Road, Scarsdale
Open Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Please contact the Public Works Department for more information by phone at 914-722.1150, or email

​How to Recycle Food Scraps

1. COLLECT your food scraps in a countertop pail; all food is accepted, but should not be mixed with non-food or non-compostables, as described in the Non-Accepted Items section below. Although not required, you may line your pail with a compostable bag - please no plastic bags.

Collection starter kits including everything you need are available for $20.00 at the Scarsdale Recycling Center Office, 100 Secor Road. Additional rolls of compostable bags (25 count) are also available for purchase at the same location. Please bring a check for payment (cash is not accepted).

2. Most residents will fill the countertop pail with food scraps 3-4 times per week. Therefore, it is suggested that residents also have a larger bin to TRANSFER food scraps into for weekly storage. This larger bin can also be used for transportation of food scraps to the Recycling Center. Anything that holds around 5-6 gallons and has a lid will work. It is recommended that food storage bins be kept indoors – either in the house or in the garage.

3. BRING your transportation bin to the Food Scrap Recycling drop-off bins at the Recycling Center to dispose of your food scraps as often as needed.

A brief Food Scrap Recycling Guide is also available. We also have Mandarin and Spanish translations of the Food Scrap Recycling Guide!

NOTE: If you wish to receive an at-home "How to Get Started" consultation from a member of the Scarsdale Ad-Hoc Committee on Food Scrap Recycling, please purchase your Starter Kit at the Scarsdale Recycling Center, which includes a brief Food Scrap Recycling Guide, and then fill out the Food Scrap Recycling Consultation Form.

​Accepted Items

ALL food waste, including:
• Fruits and Vegetables (remove stickers, bands, ties)
• Meat and Poultry (bones ok)
• Fish and Shellfish (shells ok)
• Dairy Products
• Bread and Pasta
• Rice and Grains
• Egg Shells
• Chips and Snacks
• Nuts and Seeds
• Leftover, Spoiled and Expired Food (cooked ok)

Other Items (If in doubt, ask before contaminating your food scrap recyclables):
• Coffee Grounds (paper filters ok)
• Tea Bags (no staples)
• Paper Towels and Napkins
• Cut flowers (not landscaping waste)
• Compostable Bags

Items not Accepted

It is important not to include the following items, as they will contaminate your food scrap recyclables: 
• Plastic Bags
• Baby/Hand Wipes
• Diapers
• Glass, Metal or Plastic
• Pet Waste or Kitty Litter
• Styrofoam
• Yard Waste

Scarsdale Earns 2017 Westchester County Earth Day Award for First Food Scrap Recycling Program in the County!

2017 Earth Day Food Scrap Award Picture (JPG)

How-To Load Compostable Bag Video

2017 Earth Day Food Scrap Award Picture (JPG)
2017 Earth Day Award - Food Scrap Recycling
Food Scrap Collection Site Picture
Food Scrap Collection Bins Picture