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Resident Photo Submissions and Release Agreement

  1. Photo Submission Instructions

    The Village of Scarsdale is asking the public to donate photos that depict Scarsdale activities, events, public art, street and/or park scenes, etc., to be featured in official Village of Scarsdale public communications. We’re particularly interested in featuring images that capture the essence of Scarsdale life as seen by Village residents. All interested residents are encouraged to donate digital photos for the Village's use and publication. Please note that all submissions will become property of the Village, to be used without compensation or credit to the photographer.

  2. All persons submitting photos must agree to the Photo Release Agreement terms and conditions (see below)

    Questions concerning photo submissions and/or the Photo Release Agreement should be directed to the Village Manager's Office by phone using 914-722-1110, or by email using Do not submit photos taken by another party.

  3. All photos submitted must conform to the following specifications:

  4. 1. Acceptable file types: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png

  5. 2. Individual File size should not exceed 15MB

  6. e.g., 123-555-1212

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