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Holiday Season Fire Prevention Safety Tips
The Scarsdale Fire Department and the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs offer the following Holiday Season Fire Prevention Safety Tips.  These safety tips have been prepared by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and can help you and your family avoid the devastation that a fire during the holidays can bring. read more ...

Press Release - USEPA Tier 2 Violation Notice
Pursuant to United States Environmental Protection Agency requirements, the Village of Scarsdale and the cities of Mount Vernon, White Plains, and Yonkers, which receive drinking water through Westchester County Water District #1, recently distributed in quarterly water bills a Westchester County notice titled, “IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR DRINKING WATER.”

All water users are encouraged to read the notice, recognizing that SCARSDALE DRINKING WATER QUALITY HAS NOT DECLINED BELOW THE STANDARD THAT WATER CUSTOMERS HAVE ENJOYED FOR DECADES – the supply is subject to the same water safety treatment protocols that have maintained drinking water in Scarsdale for many years, including appropriate chlorination to inactivate organisms such as giardia, bacteria, and viruses.

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Hydrant Marker Installation Program
On November 7, 2015 the Scarsdale Fire Department will begin installing red markers on every fire hydrant in the Village, to assist the Department in locating the hydrants during heavy winter snow accumulations. Installation of these highly-visible three-foot tall metal rods will be performed by career and volunteer firefighters working together to ensure that each of the nearly one thousand fire hydrants in the Village is properly marked. The flag markers will be removed by the Water Department in the spring during their annual hydrant maintenance program, to be re-installed again prior to the next winter. read more ...

Change Your Clock - Change Your Battery
As the time change approaches on Sunday, November 1, the Scarsdale Fire Department wants to remind residents to make another change that could save their lives: Changing the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. read more ...

Mobile Shredder Friday November 20
Concerned about identity theft?  The Mobile Shredder is coming to Scarsdale!

Now you can safely destroy unwanted personal papers and documents!

When & Where:
(Friday) November 20 10 AM to 1 PM
at 110 Secor Road - DPW Yard read more ...

Scarsdale LED Streetlight Project is now underway!!
The Scarsdale Board of Trustees has established an Ad Hoc LED Committee to research Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights in order to improve lighting, reduce Village costs for electricity and maintenance, and conserve energy. To that end, the Committee was asked to develop a pilot program and make a recommendation on how best to move forward. read more ...

NYS Public Service Commission-Telecommunications Report
The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) recently completed a study to determine if the current telecommunication regulatory system is sufficient to protect the interests and meet the demands of customers and whether current laws or regulations should be changed to strengthen oversight of the changing telecommunication industry.  To this end, the PSC has scheduled a series of regional meetings to solicit comments from stakeholders.  The forums are open to the public and will consist of two parts; an information section consisting of presentations by PSC staff regarding the telecommunications study, and a public statement section where the public is invited to comment on the proceeding... read more ...

Cable TV Live Streaming and Online Board Meetings
Online live streaming of the Scarsdale Cable Channel, and archived Board of Trustees Meetings, are now available online! read more ...

Volunteers Needed for Boards and Councils

The Personnel Committee of the Village Board of Trustees has announced three (3) vacancies on the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC).

The Conservation Advisory Council's (CAC) mission is to advise the Board of Trustees on issues affecting the Village's environment and the maintenance of its natural character.  In recent years the CAC has undertaken a review of the Village's tree ordinance, explored leaf collection alternatives and it is now reviewing municipal storm water strategies and policies.

The CAC's approach is to carefully research and discuss policy alternatives and to craft recommendations that attempt to respect the legitimate concerns of all stakeholders. The CAC meets once monthly for lively and often creative discussion. To insure independence of thought, it relies on diversity and is an ideal entry into Village government.  If you care about your local environment and beyond, joining the CAC is one of the best ways you can help.

All interested residents may apply online at the Village website, www.scarsdale.com, under “Village News, Volunteers Needed for Boards and Councils” or submit their resume directly to the attention of the Personnel Committee Chair, Trustee Carl Finger, Scarsdale Village Hall, 1001 Post Road, Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583.   For further information contact the Village Clerk’s office at 914-722-1175.

Please click here to submit an application online. read more ...

Are you interested in learning more about affordable housing opportunities in Westchester?

Information is available on http://www.westchestergov.com/homeseeker 

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Scarsdale § Edgemont Family Counseling Service

Scarsdale § Edgemont Family Counseling Service, whose mission is to strengthen family and community life byproviding individual, family and group therapy; outreach to youth; services toolder adults; and public programs relating to family life issues, islocated in the Harwood Building in downtown Scarsdale. Since 1920, its door hasbeen open providing family and couple therapy, individual psychotherapy,outreach to youth, support for the elderly and family life education.

For more information visit www.sfcsinc.org

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Sheldrake River Drainage Basin Project

A flood mitigation project in the Sheldrake River Drainage Basin in the neighborhood containing Catherine, Canterbury, Cayuga, Seneca and Oneida Roads, has been discussed at many public meetings over the last several years. The Village has worked toward developing a project that both the neighborhood and the Village agree will provide a cost-effective benefit. The project scope of work has been modified a number of times as the Village seeks to find a beneficial plan relative to flood mitigation and certain legal and financial issues.

Earlier this year, the Village Board formed a working group including Board members, residents, Village staff and the Village’s consulting engineer from Dvirka and Bartilucci (D&B). Based on discussions amongst this working group, D&B revised the project scope of work to include the following:

1.       Construction of new culvert crossings at Cayuga Road and Canterbury Road. These culverts will eliminate the road infrastructure and provide for open grating, similar to many bridge decks, to allow for ease of access and maintenance and perhaps additional flow capacity;

2.       Construction of a connector culvert to the south side of Canterbury Road that will assist in balancing the current flows that enter the storm drain piping on Canterbury Road;

3.       Removal of accumulated silt through the open watercourse that abuts the properties of 6 Cayuga Road and 14 and 18 Canterbury Road; and

4.       Hydraulic analysis to determine if existing Cayuga Pond orifice opening modifications are required.

The Village Board at its August 13, 2013 meeting appropriated $600,000 from the General Fund, Fund Balance for the Sheldrake River Drainage Basin Modified Project as well as authorizing a professional services agreement with D&B to design the project. As part of this contract, D&B performed hydraulic modeling for the proposed improvements both upstream and downstream to ensure that the design meets all requirements and to identify other pathways for flood mitigation via storage or conveyance. D&B has completed this modeling presented the findings and potential changes to the project as a result of the modeling to the Municipal Services Committee on December 4, 2013.

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Westchester County Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF)
Westchester County has opened a Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) located on the Grasslands Campus; 15 Woods Road, Valhalla, NY. Residents may bring various household materials for disposal by appointment only. Click the links above for more information.

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Community Preservation Fund
The Finance Committee of the Village Board of Trustee's discussed the potential establishment of a Community Preservation Fund based upon a November 5, 2010 report.  read more ...

Stormwater Management
Public education and outrach questionnaire, stormwater projects, stormwater management reports. read more ...

Leaf Mulching Resolution
On-Site leaf mulching and composting of leaves in the Village of Scarsdale. read more ...

Online Payment - Water Bills
You may now pay your water bill online!  Please click here to enter the water bill payment portal. read more ...

SVAC - Learn CPR, the use of AED, and choking rescue
Learn CPR, the use of an AED, and choking rescue for adults, children, and infants in a one session, four hour long course. Click here to find out more. read more ...

New York State’s Small Business Storm Recovery Program

New York State has announced that the first storm-impacted businesses have been approved for grants through New York State’s Small Business Storm Recovery Program and that they are ready to assist with a streamlined application process so you may quickly receive the grants for which they may be eligible.  

Through this program, businesses are eligible for grants of $50,000 or more to help replace physical items such as machinery, moveable equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures, as well as help with the day to day expenses entrepreneurs need to run their businesses.  Further, the Program is able to provide grants to reimburse businesses that already purchased these physical items to get their business back up and running.  In both cases, the grants would cover “uncompensated costs” above and beyond those covered by insurance proceeds, grant programs and other government resources.

As a first step, businesses should contact their local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) office, where an SBDC business advisor will provide free assistance with completing the application process.  For a list of SBDC locations in your community, please refer to http://www.nysandyhelp.ny.gov/sites/default/files/documents/businesscenterlocations.pdf.

New York State representatives are already reaching out to business owners in your community to encourage them to apply for grants and low-interest loans available through this program.  To build on these initial outreach efforts, please forward to your constituents as soon as possible a summary of the available grant and loan programs (see http://www.nysandyhelp.ny.gov/sites/default/files/documents/smallbusiness-factsheet_rev_4-25-13.pdf), as well as the list of SBDC locations.

Please keep in mind that funds will also be available in the near future for real property repair and rehabilitation; and that application and receipt of funds for any of the above items does not exclude businesses from applying for repair or rehabilitation funding in the future. 

 read more ...

Important Tax Notice
Postdated checks cannot be accepted by the Treasurer’s Office. Effective immediately, any postdated check will be returned to the issuer. If you will be away during the tax collection period, you may pay your taxes online through the Village website at Scarsdale.com... read more ...

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