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Why is my water bill so HIGH???


A large percentage of the high water bill complaints we receive are due to lawn sprinkler systems.  Broken sprinkler heads (as seen above), underground leaks in the system, or overly long clock settings can result in large quanities of water being wasted and subsequent high bills.  Don't set it and forget it, be sure to check your sprinkler settings and operation regularly.

Water Service Line Insurance Mailing

It has come to our attention that a mailing was sent to Scarsdale Residents regarding insurance for household water service lines. This company has no relationship with the Village and the Village is not involved in any manner with this solicitation.  Also please note that the Village is responsible for repair of the service line from the street (water main) connection to the curb stop (shut off valve) near the curb, the homeonwer is only responsible for a leak between the curb stop and the house.


The Village of Scarsdale receives all of its water from the New York City Water Supply System. The Village has a direct connection to New York City's Catskill Aqueduct and a connection, with others, to the Kensico Reservoir and Delaware Aqueduct. The Village owns and services 100 miles of water mains and services approximately 5,600 accounts.

All of the water delivered is chlorinated to assure that the water remains bacteria free. Flouride is also added for public health measures. In addition, pH is adjusted and orthophosphate is added for corrosion control treatment.

Monitoring of the water quality is conducted every day. Daily tests are conducted by water department personnel. Other required monitoring tests are conducted by New York State Certified Laboratories.

Discolored Water

Discolored water occurs when sediment in the water mains is stirred up by high water flow.  This can typically occur when hydrants are being flushed; during a water main break; or during Fire Department activity.  Hydrant flushing is normally scheduled in the spring as noted above.

The water is disinfected but you may want to wait for it to clear up completely before consuming it. Though the water is safe it may stain clothes if washed in it. Try to avoid using the hot water when the cold water is discolored because you may draw sediment into the hot water system and this sediment may end up settling in the bottom of your the water tank. Also, minimize the flushing of toilets in order to reduce the risk of potential clogging of small tubes and devices within the toilet.

Run the cold water for several minutes just to see if it becomes clear. Use a sink in the basement, near where the water line enters the house to check the water. Keep checking it approximately every hour until it clears. 

Water Rates

The Village purchases water from New York City utilizing roughly half of our budgeted expenditures for this purpose.  The balance of expenditures fund the operation and maintenance of the water pumping and distribution system.

New York City charges the Village separate base and excess water rates based on consumption.  They utilize a per-capita water use threshold to establish the base rate based on the per-capita usage in New York City.  When Village wide water consumption exceeds New York City’s aggregate per capita usage threshold, they charge the Village at the excess rate which is approximately 3.5 times the base rate.

As a suburban, single family residential community of large homes and properties requiring irrigation, Scarsdale’s per capita water use is substantially higher than New York City’s.  As such the Village pays for a considerable amount of water at the excess rate.  Scarsdale’s water rates are established and adjusted periodically to reflect the New York City rates while maintaining fairness and equity relative to other Westchester municipal water utilities.

Since the Village’s last increase of the water rates in 2012, the New York City base rate has increased 23.3% and the New York City excess rate has increased by 12.9%.  As a result the Village increased our base rate by 5% for 2014.  We still maintain one of the lowest water rates in Westchester County.

Water meters are read and billed quarterly, except for large water users which are billed monthly. Quarterly bills are mailed to users on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st of each year and are due no later than the end of each of those months.

Present Water Rates (Beginning with April 1, 2016 water use)

  • Water is billed per unit, one unit of water = 100 cubic feet (cf) = 748 gallons.
  • Village Water Rates = $2.50 per unit (100 cf) up to 50 units (5,000 cf) Over 50 units, the rate is 350 percent the base rate ($8.75).
  • Outside Village Water Rates = $3.43 per unit to 50 units, Over 50 units, the rate is 350 percent the base rate ($12.005).
  • Water Rates for all Village Monthly Accounts = $2.50 per unit up to 500 units. Over 500 units, the rate is 350 percent the base rate ($8.75).
  • Water Rates for all Outside Village Monthly Accounts = $3.43 per unit up to 500 units. Over 500 units, the rate is 350 percent the base rate ($12.005).

 Present Service Charges per Quarter for all accounts, (for monthly accounts the service fee is divided by 3 and billed monthly): 

5/8" Meter $9.00
3/4" Meter $13.50
1" Meter $18.00
1 1/2" Meter $45.00
2" Meter $58.50
3" Meter $108.00
4" Meter $180.00
6" Meter $360.00




Arthur Boniface Water Tower

The Boniface Water Tower, was designated an American Water Landmark in 1989 by the American Water Works Association. It contains a 1.7 million gallon steel water tank, was built in 1929, and is designed to give the Village water in reserve for emergency situations and for times of heavy demand. The steel structure is surrounded by a handsome masonry structure resembling the old Martello Towers of England. The structure was originally known as the Grange Standpipe and later the Garden Road Standpipe. In 1943 the Village Board of Trustees renamed it the Arthur Boniface Water Tower in memory of the late Arthur Boniface, who served the Village from 1918 to 1943 - on the Board of Trustees and as both Village Engineer and Village Manager. The water tower has been used continuously since it was built.


3/22/13 Press Release
Scarsdale Water Department Commended for Water Fluoridation Program

Westchester County Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler, MD, and the Westchester County Board of Health presented certificates of appreciation to seven Westchester water suppliers yesterday for protecting the public’s health by treating their drinking water supply with fluoride.“Community water fluoridation is the single most effective public health measure available to prevent tooth decay in both adults and children,” Dr. Amler said. “It is safe, effective and inexpensive and it allows all residents of a community, regardless of their ability to pay for routine dental care, to benefit from the significant protection that fluoride offers. Water fluoridation saves money by reducing the cost of dental treatment among children and youth. Studies also have shown it can reduce tooth decay by 29 percent in children and by 25 percent in adults. And it’s been proven safe at the levels allowed in public water supplies.”The seven water suppliers who received certificates are Northern Westchester Joint Water Works, New Castle Stanwood Water District, Scarsdale Water Department, White Plains Water Bureau, Ossining Water Department, Westchester Joint Water Works and Yorktown Consolidated Water District #1. They were recognized for maintaining and upgrading their fluoridation equipment. The certificates were presented at the Westchester County Board of Health meeting today in White Plains.  In all, 83 percent of Westchester residents receive fluoridated water, either directly or indirectly from these suppliers, or from other water suppliers that draw from the New York City aqueducts, which are fluoridated by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.  Amler noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ranked community water fluoridation as one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.
2014 Water Taste Test
2014 Westchester County Annual Water Taste Test

On May 7, 2014 Scarsdale Water came in Third Place in the County's Annual Water Taste Test!!  Ten communities competed in the blind taste test and our water came in third.
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