Arthur Boniface Water Tower

The Boniface Water Tower, was designated an American Water Landmark in 1989 by the American Water Works Association. It contains a 1.7 million gallon steel water tank, was built in 1929, and is designed to give the Village water in reserve for emergency situations and for times of heavy demand.

The steel structure is surrounded by a handsome masonry structure resembling the old Martello Towers of England. The structure was originally known as the Grange Standpipe and later the Garden Road Standpipe. In 1943 the Village Board of Trustees renamed it the Arthur Boniface Water Tower in memory of the late Arthur Boniface, who served the Village from 1918 to 1943, on the Board of Trustees and as both Village Engineer and Village Manager.

The water tower has been used continuously since it was built.
A sketch of the Arthur Boniface Water Tower.