Category 2: The Basic STAR Exemption

It Effective April 1, 2016, NEW Basic STAR applicants are now required to register and apply for the exemption with the NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS,) Department of Taxation and Finance, in order to receive a Basic STAR exemption.  The benefit will be issued to new applicants directly from ORPTS in the form of a check.   It is a one-time application.  The amount of STAR benefit is the same regardless of how you receive it. 

To register for STAR CREDIT please visit under property owners or call #(518) 457-2036.  


The eligibility criteria are the same for the STAR credit is as follows:

-  To receive the STAR CREDIT, you must own your home and it must be your primary residence;   

-  Total income of all owners and the owners' spouses, even if not listed on the deed, and who primarily reside at the

    property must not exceed $500,000.   

-  Owners that are currently receiving the STAR EXEMPTION, you must own your home, your primary   

   residence, and total income of all owners must not exceed $250,000.  

If you in the STAR program either the exemption or the credit, you may be eligible for the Homeowner tax rebate.  This is a one-year program for 2022 and checks are currently being mailed out.  For more information click here: Homeowner tax rebate or contact  518-453-8146.