Scarsdale’s governing body is composed of a mayor and six trustees who serve voluntarily for two-year terms. They comprise the legislative body and are the community's policy makers. Day-to-day operations of the Village are conducted by the Village Manager and superlative staff. Get to know some of the dedicated professionals who make Scarsdale run smoothly by checking out our short video interviews.

Scarsdale uses a non-partisan system to promote the election of candidates who are qualified by reason of their civic—rather than political—abilities and experience. Village residents elect a Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC), which in turn selects a slate of candidates for the village offices of trustee, mayor, and village justice. The system encourages the active participation of all residents. The Non-Partisan System is governed by the Non-Partisan Resolution, which creates its structure: a Procedure Committee to administer the CNC election, a Citizens Nominating Committee to nominate candidates to stand for election to village office. Independent candidates can also run for mayor and trustee as long as they meet the criteria necessary to put their name on the ballot.