Victim Information

If you are the innocent victim of a crime that is classified as a misdemeanor or felony as defined in the Penal Law or by section 1192 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law (Driving while intoxicated), you may be eligible to receive emergency medical treatment and assistance from other supportive social services that exist in your community. In support of this, the Scarsdale Police Department (SPD) will render assistance to all crime victims in obtaining the services that they require. As a crime victim it may be necessary for you to cooperate with the SPD in the following areas:

You may be requested to give a detailed statement concerning the criminal act.
You may be requested to identify a suspect(s) either through photographs or a line-up.
You may be asked to take certain specific and required medical examinations or tests in order to obtain important physical evidence.

If an arrest is made:

You may be required to testify before a local court, a county court or a Grand Jury. This testimony may have to be given on more than one occasion. You may also be required to identify the defendant in open court.

If you have been intimidated or threatened in connection with the case or if you believe that you may be harmed, you will be informed of procedures available to you for protection against intimidation or threats. Remember: you do not have to speak with anyone concerning your case other than the SPD or the District Attorney. We encourage you to check with one of these agencies before speaking with anyone regarding your case.

If necessary, the SPD will assist you in obtaining a protective order or in obtaining assistance from a protective service agency, if such services are available.

If you give the District Attorney your current address and telephone number, he or she will notify you when the case will be heard in court. If a conviction is obtained, in certain cases the District Attorney, at his option, may contact you for input concerning the sentence he will recommend. Property belonging to you that is being held as evidence will be returned to you as soon as possible, unless it is needed as evidence in your case. This does not include property unlawfully possessed, unlicensed weapons or property whose ownership is in dispute. If it should become necessary for you to become absent from your place of employment in order to cooperate in the prosecution of your case, at your request, and prior to the indictment or arraignment, the Scarsdale Police Department can provide verification of your cooperation to your employer. Otherwise the Westchester County District Attorney will provide the necessary verification.

If you are a witness to a crime:

If you are a witness to crime who has provided evidence or information concerning a crime to the Scarsdale Police Department (SPD), we request that you cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of the case by:
  • Giving a detailed statement concerning the criminal act you witnessed.
  • Participating in identifying a suspect(s) through either a photographic identification process or a line-up.
  • Providing testimony in court concerning the evidence or information you provided. Testimony may be required before a local court, county court, or a grand jury.
  • As a witness, all of the services available to victims concerning protection against intimidation, threats or harassment, obtaining protective orders and verification of your assistance in the case to your employer, will also be available to you. 

During The Judicial Process: 

  • The Scarsdale Police Department will make every reasonable effort to notify you if an arrest is made in your case, when the defendants initial court appearance will be, and if the defendant will be immediately released on bail.
  • After the initial court appearance of the accused, the District Attorney is responsible for notifying you of the rest of the proceedings in the prosecution of the accused.
  • Any property you provide that is used as evidence will be returned to you as soon as possible, unless there is some compelling reason to hold it. 

                                                    Crime Victim & Witness Telephone Assistance Numbers
Identify Theft:

It can happen to anyone. The phone rings and a collection agency demands that you pay past-due accounts for goods you never ordered. The supermarket refuses your checks because you have a history of bouncing them. But you have always paid bills on time. What has happened? The crime of identity theft is on the rise. Recent surveys show there are currently 7-10 million victims per year, greatly exceeding earlier estimates. 

Information To Assist Victims Of Identity Theft and Internet Fraud