Information Technology

The Information Technology (I.T.) Department (“Department”) provides technical and administrative support for the use of technology in the operation and management of Village services. The Village receives roughly 118,000 emails per month on premises and our mail servers store over 3.8 million items in 276 mailboxes (November, 2017). The Village’s 2016 redesigned web site receives approximately 23,000 visits monthly, and has 2,300 unique subscribers to its various events, calendars, and newsletters. The Department addresses hardware and software issues for the purpose of integrating data and providing beneficial information throughout the organization to assist management in decision making, makes custom modifications to existing software, and replaces a number of desktops and laptops annually through the Village five year Capital Budget Plan. Additionally, the Department upgrades shared servers to virtual servers and separates their functions to improve application performance and isolate failure modes. The Department also manages the network intrusion detection devices, software, firewalls, antivirus and conducts regular cyber-attack drills to safeguard Village data from internet hackers.

Primary applications, such as Finance and Payroll/Human Resources are processed through New World System’s Logos Net system. This live, browser-based system can be accessed by any one of the Village’s 187 personal computers and laptops. Forty (40) Microsoft Windows 2008/2012 servers provide file, web, e-mail, spam and antivirus filtering and interactive online information and transaction services.

The Department performed a number of essential tasks in fiscal year 2017-2018: 1) migrated the Village’s voice over IP phone system to a new platform and new Polycom phones (210 desk phones); 2) installed 15 next-generation Cisco ASA-X firewalls at all Village facilities that include intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and traffic monitoring, to improve perimeter security; 3) installed higher-speed data circuits, including a private fiber connection, and retired old circuits that yielded cost savings; 4) replaced and removed Kaspersky antivirus due to Homeland Security’s ban on its use at the federal level. In calendar year 2018, the Department will assist the Fire Department with deployment of a vibrant intranet site, evaluate Windows 10, and assist the Recreation Department with issuing a RFP for new software, evaluate vendors and implement the chosen solution.