Solar Central

As the cost of photovoltaic electric panels continues to decline, while subsidies remain in place, rooftop power generation is becoming an increasingly viable option. Here are a few great resources to guide you in evaluating solar electricity for your home.

Solar Mapping Resources

Choosing solar energy is a big investment. In order to help consumers quantify the potential benefits, national laboratories and private companies have developed a number of tools to forecast their solar futures. Satellite maps, irradiance data, and real-time bids from installers have been combined to assist customers in understanding the potential costs and benefits of solar with just the click of a button. Explore the information by following the link below:

United States Department of Energy Solar Mapping and other Resources

New York Attorney General - Tips and Considerations for Homeowners

This great pamphlet "provides information for New York homeowners on the different types of solar contracts available – such as solar purchases, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPA’s), and information for how to evaluate solar companies and their proposals. The tips also provide an overview of important parts of solar contracts and the steps required before solar can be installed on a home."

Tips and Considerations for Going Solar