Leaf Mulch Mowing

Leaves: Love Them and Leave Them

On-site leaf mulching results in environmental and economic benefits!

  • Significant reduction in the costs to the Village for fall leaf collection and disposal.
  • Reduction of localized flood risk resulting from clogged storm drains, as well as diminishment of the cost to the Village to clear clogged storm drains.
  • Reduction of the traffic hazard caused by piles of leaves in roadway.
  • Reduced phosphate runoff into our waterbodies.
  • Improved quality and health of turf, as on-site mulching improves the capacity of soil to absorb water and germinate seed.
  • Improved resiliency of turf and plantings.
  • Virtually free, high-quality, nutrient-rich and attractive mulch for lawns, gardens and planting areas. 
  • Reduced noise and air pollution from leaf blowers.