Freightway Redevelopment

Opportunity - Vision - Execution

The idea for a potential project on the Freightway site has been discussed for decades. Recent interest has been rooted in two widespread trends:

  1. aging infrastructure, and
  2. weakening community retail hubs.

First, the Village owns the Freightway site and, based on an engineering study of the parking structure, the community is facing estimated costs of approximately $2.5 million over the coming three years to repair, maintain, and improve the nearly 50 year-old structure. Those repairs are expected to carry the structure for the next 8-10 years, at which time more significant expenditures are expected to be required, perhaps as much as $25M in  additional investment.

Second, retail trends have not been kind to local merchants as e-commerce giants make it harder and harder for brick and mortar retail to survive. This is occurring throughout the country and unfortunately, our Village Center is not immune.
Village ownership of the Freightway site means the Village is in a unique position to ensure any development provides a continued and enduring public benefit for Scarsdale. Any development would be expected to upgrade our primary public parking facility and enhance our Village Center overall.
Freightway's location adjacent to a high-quality transit amenity, the Scarsdale Train Station, has attracted developers that recognize the site's enhanced value as a transit-oriented development (TOD) opportunity. By enabling people to drive less due to the proximity of daily destinations and convenient, reliable rail transit, and encouraging them to walk more through the creation of appealing public spaces, TOD enhances vibrancy, livability, walkability, and sustainability. Countless communities have considered, are considering, or already include TOD.
Community discussions continue with the understanding that any development is an important opportunity to defray the significant projected taxpayer costs while upgrading our primary public parking facility and enhancing our Village Center.

The Village Board is committed to seeking extensive community input throughout the Freightway redevelopment process. Whatever the future may hold, one thing is clear: Any project that advances for construction will need to first prove it pencils on a net community benefit basis.

The Village Board remains focused on key issues that matter to the community, such as potential impacts on parking, schools, and traffic, as well as the effect on the Village budget – revenues and expenses. These matters have been discussed at every step and will now take an even more prominent role in our discussions. The Board is also considering the ramifications of the development program on open space and other public amenities, connectivity between the east and west sides of our Village Center, and the context of the development within our Village Center – one of the prize gems of our Village. Scarsdale.

Please follow and participate in this process. Together, we can solve the problem of an aged parking structure in need of substantial repairs, while also cultivating community benefits that will span generations.
Important decisions are ahead, so help shape the outcome -- join the conversation.

 Your Input is Important!


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