Freightway Steering Committee (FSC)

The Freightway Steering Committee (FSC), is a diverse group of community members, including residents, representatives from neighborhood organizations, Land Use Boards and businesses. The Village Board appointed the FSC to create goals and objectives for the redevelopment of the 2.3 acre Freightway site. The ultimate goal is to produce a final report which outlines the goals and objectives to be utilized in the future development plan for the site. More specifically, the final report will provide the basis for a Request for Proposals/Interest in order to solicit proposals from the private development community. The FSC will meet regularly over the course of 18 months to solicit input and develop a vision for the site, with the help of BFJ Planning, a planing firm, and village staff. 

Resolution to Establish the Freightway Steering Committee

Freightway Steering Committee:

Jon Mark (Chair), Brookby Road
Justin Arest, Lakin Road
Farley Baker, Johnson Road
Jim Blum, Wayside Lane 
Kristin Friedman, Circle Road
Heather Harrison, Jenny Close
Barbara Jaffe, Kingston Road
Matthew Martin, Clarence Road
Andrew McMurray, Greenacres Ave
Marc Samwick, Village Board Liason
Christopher Morin, Board of Education Liason
Elizabeth Marrinan, Village Planner
Ingrid Richards, Asst. Village Manager