Volunteer: Advisory Council on Scarsdale Senior Citizens

Term: Two years; additional terms at Village Board discretion.
Meeting frequency: Once a month, except July and August.
Approximate meeting length: Two hours.
Establishment and charge: Constitution of the Advisory Council on Scarsdale Senior Citizens

What does the Advisory Council on Scarsdale Senior Citizens do?

The Advisory Council on Scarsdale Senior Citizens assists the Scarsdale Village Board of Trustees in addressing issues affecting Scarsdale senior citizens. To promote participation by seniors in community affairs and social activities, the Council also maintains liaison with organizations concerned about the welfare and interests of Scarsdale Seniors, including, for example, the Village of Scarsdale’s Recreation Department in order to help inform and shape program offerings supporting the needs of Scarsdale Seniors.

What is expected of members?

Council members are expected to attend monthly meetings and take an active interest in any matters of import to Scarsdale seniors. Much of the Council’s work focuses on community and public events; members will be asked to participate in these functions and report back to the council, and may be involved in planning or preparation for a select few. Preparation time for each meeting varies, depending on current issues and events.

What professional, volunteer, and/or personal experiences have been helpful to Council members?

Current and past members have come from diverse professional backgrounds in the private, public, and nonprofit sector. An interest in promoting an advocating for the needs of Scarsdale senior citizens is the most important aspect of volunteering as a member of this council.