Volunteer: Advisory Council on Youth

Term: Two years; two-term maximum.
Frequency of meetings: Three to four meetings per year.
Approximate length of meetings: 90 minutes.
Establishment and charge: Constitution of the Advisory Council on Youth

What does the Advisory Council on Youth do?

The Advisory Council on Youth advises the Village Board of Trustees on all matters concerning the needs of Scarsdale’s youth, encouraging a favorable climate for their growth and development in our community.

What is expected of Council members?

Council members are expected to be aware of relevant issues relating to Scarsdale youth; the council’s work is often driven by specific community requests or government initiatives. For example, the Council studied Scarsdale Public Library renovation plans with respect to the needs of young people in the community and provided associated feedback and recommendations. To prepare for each meeting, members are asked to review any information distributed by the council chairperson. Additionally, members should endeavor to keep abreast of community news and information relevant to the needs of Scarsdale youth.

What professional, volunteer, and/or personal experiences have been helpful to Council members?

Members have found that professional and/or volunteer experience with children and youth has been helpful. Past Advisory Council on Youth members have included pediatricians, teachers, mental health professionals, PTA members, and volunteers with organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and local sports organizations.