Welcome to Scarsdale!

The Village offers excellent facilities for just about any sport or hobby, and there are many opportunities to engage with peers and volunteer. If you’re a parent, you may have come here because of the outstanding reputation of our schools. The Village’s recreational “rec” sports programs, arts programs, and classes, along with special events such as the popular Halloween Window Painting Contest, add a wonderful dimension.

Here’s some more of the 411 on the 914 town you’ve selected.

  1. We want you to not only be at home, but to also feel at home. Return when you have time to explore our Community tab in greater depth. There, you’ll find a wealth of important community information and links – info every new resident needs!
  2. Village staff are here to help. We are courteous, professional, and responsive. Access the Key Village Service Contacts when you need to quickly reach some of the key service departments. There’s also a more comprehensive staff directory, if needed. Finally, please also consider using our service request tracking system, Let Us Know, which has a shortcut icon available from our home page -- it's easy and efficient!
  3. Scarsdale prides itself in open, accessible government. To ensure you are an informed and engaged community member, the Village produces a subscription-based, semi-monthly electronic newsletter and other as-needed digital communications, as well as issuing press releases. Take a moment to sign-up through Notify Me to get the latest official news and information. Be sure to subscribe to  items in the list marked with a Gold Star. Please also note that Village Board meetings are streamed live and broadcast on Cable Television, with all agendas posted in advance. Residents are encouraged to attend Village Board meetings in order to learn about key community issues and to help shape related decisions.