Plastic Bag and Plastic Film Recycling


The Village of Scarsdale is pleased to announce the launch of a plastic bag recycling pilot program as part of our community’s ongoing commitment to increase recycling and reduce waste.  Scarsdale residents can now bring plastic bags and other plastic film items to the Recycling Center at 110 Secor Road for recycling. The plastic bag recycling bin is located next to the Furniture Sharehouse and is open during regular Recycling Center hours which are Monday to Saturday, 8am to 3pm.

All plastic bags and plastic film must be clean and dry.  

Following is a list of the plastic items which are accepted:

  • Produce Bags
  • Store Bags
  • Ice Bags
  • Ziploc/Recloseable Bags
  • Cereal Box Liners
  • Case Overwrap
  • Bread Bags
  • Newspaper Sleeves
  • Dry Cleaning Bags
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plastic Mailers/Envelopes

Scarsdale is the first municipality in Westchester County to collect and recycle plastic bags and plastic film as part of a municipal recycling program. By collecting these plastic materials separate from waste or other recyclables, we increase the likelihood that plastic bags and film will be recycled into new plastic items.

Please help make this new program a success by recycling all of your plastic bags and plastic film!

Remember: First, try to reduce consumption and waste by making better choices. Then, reuse whatever you're able. Finally, recycle as much of everything left that is possible -- our extensive recycling information and programs make it easy!

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