Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking Oil Recycling is available at the Scarsdale Recycling Center!

The Cooking Oil Recycling program is part of our community’s ongoing commitment to increase recycling and reduce waste. Scarsdale residents may now bring their used cooking oil to the Recycling Center during regular Recycling Center hours, which are Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

How it Works

After letting your cooking oil cool, pour it into any non-breakable, resealable container, such as a used milk jug.

Bring the container to the Recycling Center and pour it into the receptacle with the “Cooking Oil Recycling” sign above it. The receptacle is located adjacent to the Food Scrap Recycling Drop-off Site.

Check out the video clip at the bottom of this page for a quick how-to demonstration!

What is Accepted

All liquid cooking oils are accepted.   Mixing different types of cooking oils is okay.

Please do NOT put the following materials in the Cooking Oil Recycling bin:

  • Motor oil
  • Animal fats or solid oils 
  • Water 

Benefits of Recycling Cooking Oil

While used cooking oil has historically been viewed as a waste product, it has now become a key ingredient in biofuels, which offer important benefits in comparison to petroleum products, such as:

Creates useful and cleaner-burning biofuel. While used cooking oil has historically been viewed as a waste product, it has now become a key ingredient in biofuels, which are carbon-neutral and burn cleaner than the petroleum alternatives. In turn, recycling cooking oil reduces harmful emissions and helps our community reduce our carbon footprint.  

Prevents harm to aquatic wildlife.  If poured down the drain, cooking oil can end up in our waterways.  This can cause harm to local aquatic wildlife.

Saves your pipes – and your money.  Even if hot water is running and grease is liquid when it goes down the drain, cooking oils can solidify when they reach cold pipes. As a result, homeowners and communities can end up with costly and disruptive clogs in pipes and sewer lines.

What to do with small amounts of liquid cooking oil, solidified cooking oil, or animal fats/grease that cannot be deposited in the Cooking Oil Recycling bin

These types of fats, oils, and grease can be wiped out with a paper towel and placed in one’s food scrap recycling bin for weekly curbside pickup, or may be recycled in-person at the Food Scrap Drop-off Site, located at the Recycling Center.


THANK YOU for recycling your cooking oil!

Cooking Oil