Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources is charged with handling two functions, Personnel Administration and Risk Management.

The Human Resources function is defined by the responsibility to recruit, hire, train, and retrain the highest caliber of personnel possible to best fit the needs of the Village and increase operational efficiency. Further, the Human Resources Department manages seven (7) collective bargaining agreements with the Village’s seven (7) employee unions, ensures productive labor relations, administers discipline and grievance procedures, and directs compensation and benefits plans. The Human Resources Department is also responsible for the administration of Civil Service and maintains compliance with New York State Civil Service Laws and Westchester County Civil Service Rules.

Risk Management’s primary function is to ensure Village property (structures, equipment, and infrastructure) are appropriately insured against loss. In doing so, the Risk Manager works with department heads and key officials on identifying, assessing, and reducing financial, legal, strategic, and security risks to the Village’s capital assets. Additionally, the Risk Manager identifies, removes, and trains staff on risks inherent in the execution of their tasks to reduce the rate of injury.

Scarsdale Village is a wonderful place to work, with a dedicated team of professionals.  To get a sense of the various departments and the town officials who run them, please take a look at our collection of short videos.