Taxi License


  1. Applicant must have a Class E (Class 4) Driver’s License.
  2. Fill out application; have two (2) people vouch for you.
  3. Application must be signed by Notary Public.
  4. Obtain three (3) photos (passport size) and attach to application.
  5. Call 1(877) 472-6915 to set up an appointment for fingerprinting.   Use the following identification number (NY 0591000) when making the appointment.      
  6. The completed application and photos are to be brought to Scarsdale Police Department at Post & Fenimore Roads for approval
  7. If approved, the driving record and the application will be forwarded to the Village Manager’s Office.
  8. The application will be returned to the Village Clerk’s office after the Village Manager has approved it.  The applicant will be notified if the applicant is not approved.
  9. The fee for an ORIGINAL license is $50.00
  10. The fee for a RENEWAL license is $45.00
  11. The fee for a BADGE is $25.00

New Taxi Driver Application 

Taxi Driver Renewal Application

NOTE:       If the applicant is obtaining an ORIGINAL license, a driver’s test must be given by a Police Officer from the Scarsdale Police Department.  A RENEWAL license application is only one page.  It does not require a notary, but it must be filled out completely.