Storm Preparedness

The Village of Scarsdale wants you to be ready in the event of a storm or other inclement weather. 

Emergency Notifications

Preparing for a Storm

Here are some important steps to take when preparing for a storm:
  • Visit for planning tips and resources for storms, severe weather, and other disasters.
  • Make sure rain gutters and downspouts are clear.
  • Secure loose outdoor items such as garbage cans and lawn furniture.
  • Charge cell phones and other wireless communication devices.
  • Ensure you have an adequate supply of extra batteries, drinking water, and non-perishable foods.
  • Make sure flashlights and any battery-operated radios or televisions are in working order.
  • Prepare a go bag of essentials in case you need to evacuate.
  • Keep important documents in a waterproof container. Move valuables to higher levels if flooding is anticipated.

During a Storm

  • Stay away from glass windows and doors.
  • If thunder and lightning occurs, move from outdoors into a building or car with a roof.
  • Limit non-essential travel, especially when there are known conditions (flooding, trees/wires down, etc.) that would make travel difficult and/or dangerous.
  • Do not walk, swim, or drive through flood waters. Turn around! Don't Drown!
  • Watch out for fallen trees or power lines and report them immediately.
  • Notify the Fire Department should any water intrusion threaten utilities such as electrical outlets and gas appliances by calling 911 or the Fire Department Emergency Number (914)722-1217.

After a Storm

  • If using a generator, portable generators must be placed at least 20 feet from any structures, with the engine exhaust directed away from windows and doors. See Generator Safety Tips from the National Fire Prevention Association.
  • If you've experienced damage to your home or vehicle, be sure to take pictures of the damage, as you may need them to provide to your home/auto insurance company.
  • If you're in need of individual or family assistance following a natural disaster, you may qualify for assistance from FEMA.

Power Outages

Customers are urged to call Con Edison immediately to report any outages at 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633), online at or by using the Con Edison App on your phone.
  • When reporting an outage, have your Con Edison account number available, if possible.
  • If you see downed electrical wires, do not go near them. Treat all downed wires as if they are live. Report all downed wires to Con Edison and the Police Department (914.722.1200) immediately.
  • Check out ConEd's tips to Prevent & Recover From Outages.

Phone, Cable, and Internet Outages

  • Verizon customers should call the Emergency Repair Service Public Number in the event of an outage: 1(800) VERIZON or 1(800)837-4966. You can also check out their Emergency Resource webpage.
  • Optimum customers should call the following number: (718)860-3514 in the event of an outage. You may also view Optimum's Storm Page and outage map.