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October 11, 2018, Edition

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Tempera Terror in the Village Center

How much is that doggie in the window? Well, Johnnie, that's not a doggie -- it's a werewolf!! Yes, it's that time of the year again when what you see in the glass may not be your own reflection . . . at least let's hope not. Monsters, goblins, and sundry scary creatures and scenes are invading the Village Center. The annual Halloween Window Painting event is a not-so-malevolent stroke of genius! So, conjure-up some Halloween spirit(s?), gather your equipment (leave the wooden stakes and silver bullets at home, please), and register for the fun today!

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Don't Be That Guy . . . or Gal

While all of our Scarsdale Official readers know the benefits of mulch mowing, some still choose to rake or blow leaves for hauling. It is totally not cool to place or allow one's landscaping contractor to place leaves on the street, which the property owner is also responsible for, incidentally. Placing a leaf pile on the street is a danger to the traveling public and constitutes a violation of the Village Code; the Village prefers compliance over issuing a summons, so if you must rake or blow leaves for hauling, please be sure to follow the 2018 Do's and Dont's.

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Want to See a Stove On-Fire?

Yes, that's right -- want to see it happen live, and how your dedicated Scarsdale Fire Department professionals extinguish such fires? Well, this news is hot off the presses: The Scarsdale Fire Fair, a tremendously popular annual community event, is just around the corner! The event features hourly fire demonstrations, a "Smoke Trailer," which is a simulated smoke-filled house that kids can crawl through, food, safety checklist prizes, and other awesome hands-on activities for kids. Be there on October 20th -- Crossway Firehouse, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

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Marion Who?

Marion Tinsley. Still wondering what this is about? Well, don't get "board" thinking about it -- he's widely acknowledged as the best checkers player ever, having lost only nine games in his 45-year playing career. Now, Scarsdalians can step out of cyberspace and into relaxing green space to play that game Tinsley mastered; an industrious Checkers Fairy has installed a public board on one of the Chase Park tables (with permission). Want to be the Chase Park checkers master? Here's a Scarsdale Official insider's tip: Practice on Chinook, which can't be beat.

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Village Board Meeting Update

The October 09, 2018, Village Board agenda featured several items, including a resolution opposing proposed IRS rules undermining the Contributions in Exchange for State or Local Tax Credits program (p. 42), which was also submitted into the Federal Register Public Record, and Chapter 310 zoning amendments were referred to the Planning Board for review and comment (p. 94). The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for October 23, 2018, at 8:00 PM. Check the calendar for all upcoming meetings, including a Land Use Priorities discussion.

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