Dear Scarsdale Parking Community,

The Village wishes to announce that there is new 8HR parking located between the Scarsdale Police Sub-Station and the current Merchant Parking Lot on East Parkway.

A Meter Permit is required Monday–Friday 8AM-11AM, however please note payment is required Monday-Saturday, 8AM-6PM. The meters open to the general public after 11AM M-F, 8AM on Saturdays. Permits are available for purchase from the Scarsdale Village Clerk for $85; permit holders are not guaranteed a space. Parkers (including permit holders) must pay at the Pay-Station at the hours stated above. There are 34 spaces available. Please note that the permit purchased for this area may also be used at the 12HR meters along Scarsdale Avenue in the event the East Parkway spaces are occupied. Please note that these machines DO NOT GIVE CHANGE. The parking industry has moved away from providing change to customers and exact change must be provided. In the event a parker overpays, the customer will be provided the amount of time that corresponds to that payment (i.e. customer wants to pay for 3HRS, but puts in a $5, the customer will receive 5HR and 20Min of time).

Lastly, the meter you will see is a trial of a new meter company, Flowbird. Any feedback regarding the meters will be appreciated as the Village reviews this new product.

Any feedback, questions, comments or concerns regarding this change should be directed to

Thank you.

Village of Scarsdale
1001 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583