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March 14, 2019
3.141592653589…. Day!

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Village Election: March 19, 2019

The Village Election is being held for all Election Districts on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, in the Scarsdale Village Hall lobby, 1001 Post Road, from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The last day to register was March 08, 2019. Absentee ballot applications from registered voters who will be out of Westchester County on Election Day will now be accepted in-person, only, until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 18, 2019. For any questions, please contact the Village Clerk’s office at 914-722-1175. Don't be green with envy because your neighbor voted and you didn't.

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Green-up for St. Paddy's Day

Hey lads and lasses, homeowners are saving money while also choosing energy alternatives that are better for the human and natural environments! Make 2019 the year that you do, if you haven't already. Significant financial and energy savings can be achieved through through implementing the results of a home energy audit by a qualified professional, investing in modern heating and cooling systems, installing solar, and more. Maybe even go Net-Zero, but not every energy efficiency and conservation measure is a an expensive proposition -- save some green while being green!

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The Grass is Always Greener

 . . . in the yard with lawn irrigation, but it comes with a steep price. Although our water rates still remain among the lowest in Westchester County, they have increased for 2019 in order to support continuing water infrastructure needs. Lawn irrigation drives peak summer usage in Scarsdale -- and high bills. Make sure your irrigation system doesn't leak and use technology to avoid unnecessary irrigation. Also, reduce consumption through converting turf grass to native plantings, using grass and leaf mulching, and implementing other cost-saving strategies.

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New Arrivals for Pi Day

Just today, 3.14, the Weinberg Nature Center picked up some new additions. Stop by the Center to welcome “Reggie,” a baby ball python (Python regius), "Mateo,” an albino Argentine horn frog (Ceratophrys ornate), two sister hermit crabs (Paguroidea), “Starla” and “Shelly,” and  . . . "Twinkles," the new resident pink toe tarantula (Avicularia avicularia)! Here at Scarsdale Official, we were excited to greet the Center's newest additions when they arrived at Village Hall today! Looking for STEM activities on Pi Day and beyond check here.

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Village Board Meeting Update

The March 12, 2019, Village Board agenda featured a number of items, including a Public Hearing concerning a proposed amendment to Chapter A317 of the Scarsdale Village Code, intended to streamline the process for solar panel permit application review. Scarsdale Official extends a BIG thanks to all the youth that participated in the Public Hearing! As you may know, the proposed amendment passed. The next Regular Meeting is March 26, 2019, at 8:00 PM. Check the calendar for all upcoming meetings.

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