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March 28, 2019

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Budget Public Hearing

This week's Village Board meeting included direction to schedule a public hearing on April 09, 2019, for consideration of the tentative fiscal year 2019-2020 Village of Scarsdale budget. The tentative budget, which stays within the 2019-20 NYS Property Tax Cap, is fiscally conservative while managing to maintain the service levels that Scarsdalians are accustomed to. However, unfunded state and federal mandates, NYS threats to reduce or eliminate shared revenues, and local infrastructure needs continue to exert significant pressure on our resources.

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Run . . . for Your Life!!

It's time for the 49th Annual Scarsdale 15K and 4M Runs on Sunday, April 07! Word is they're using a jaguar to track race times -- motivation to run! Remember this backcountry hiking adage: You don't need to outrun the jaguar, you only have to run faster than the other runners with you. Wait . . . oh, my bad -- that's Jaguar, a cool RFID system that provides real-time racing results, not the animal. So, whether you're a fierce competitor, a casual jogger, or one with no running experience at all, join friends and family on 4/07/19 -- there's also a Kids Fun Run!

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Coffee Meetup with Mayor-Elect

Mayor-elect Marc Samwick is hosting an informal coffee meetup on Saturday, April 06, at Metro Deli (Five Corners), from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. It's BYOA (Bring Your Own Agenda), so please drop-in to talk about any topic you wish, or simply to say, Hi! Why? Well, the Village Board is interested in engaging residents in casual, community-based settings at times that may be more convenient than the standard Village Hall evening meeting schedule. Show your support for that effort by visiting on Saturday, 4/06/19 -- no appointment needed!

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Why did the Sallie Cross the Road?

Salamander, that is. Looking for some late-night fun in the Hudson River estuary watershed this spring? As luck would have it, the New York State DEC needs your help with the Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project. Volunteers help document and protect salamanders and frogs during their movements between overwintering locations and the vernal pools they deposit their eggs in each spring. Watch the introductory video, check-out the 2019 Volunteer Handbook, and get outdoors for a super-cool experience! The time is now.

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Village Board Meeting Update

The March 26, 2019, Village Board agenda featured a number of items, including an Intermunicipal Agreement for the Hutchinson River Flood Mitigation Project (p. 67). Outgoing Village Board members, including Mayor Dan Hochvert, Trustee Matt Callaghan, and Trustee Carl Finger were also recognized for the service to the community. The new Board members, Mayor Marc Samwick, Trustee Jonathan Lewis, and Trustee Rochelle Waldman, will be sworn-in ahead of the next Village Board meeting on April 09, 2019. See the calendar.

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