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Request a Copy of a Filed Report

    Complete this form to obtain a copy of a police report you have already reported to the Scarsdale Police. If you need to report an incident to the Scarsdale Police, call (914) 722-1200 anytime.
  2. Type of Report Being Requested*
  3. To obtain an Accident Report, the applicant must be one of the following: (check one)
  4. Driver's Privacy Protection Act
    You must have a permissible use (defined in the Driver's Privacy Protection Act) to receive a copy of an accident report. I certify that I will comply fully with the terms of the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (18 USC Sec 2721 et. Seq.). I also certify that I will not request or use any information provided by the Scarsdale Department of Public Safety that is not specifically authorized by the Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Accident report requests without the above Driver's Privacy Protection Act information completed will not be completed.
  5. Desired Delivery Method for Report*
  6. Certification*
    I certify under penalty of law that all the information provided in this report request form is true and accurate. I acknowledge that knowingly making a false statement or concealing a material fact in this submission is a criminal offense punishable under the New York State Penal Law Section 210.45. I understand that the I/P address associated with the computer submitting this request will be captured and stored with the request.
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