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Application for a Special Event Permit

  1. Special Event Guidelines
    1. Any individual or group wishing to hold a special event in the Village of Scarsdale (utilizing or involving Village of Scarsdale Property) must file an application with the Village Manager’s Office. 2. Any individual or group wishing to hold a special event in the Village of Scarsdale on Village property must provide a certificate of insurance listing the Village of Scarsdale as an additional insured at limits approved by the Village Attorney. 3. Any individual or group wishing to hold a special event in the Village of Scarsdale must sign a “hold harmless” or indemnification agreement with the Village. The Village Manager is authorized to waive such insurance, hold harmless and indemnification requirements for certain community sponsored events.
  2. 4.The applicant will receive written confirmation from the Village Manager’s Office when approval has been granted. 5.The Police Chief, Fire Chief, Building Inspector, and Superintendent of Public Works will be notified of the event by the Village Manager’s Office. 6.For special events to be held on sidewalks, permission allowing the use of the sidewalk must be obtained from abutting merchant(s) and forwarded to the Village Manager’s Office as part of this application. 7.Individuals or groups wishing to hold a block party must use the separate block party application. 8.Applicants must comply with all applicable Village Code requirements including chapter 205-Noise. 9.Pursuant to §111 of the Village Code, the consumption of alcohol on public property is prohibited unless special permission is granted by the Village. 10.Complaints of non-compliance could result in disbanding the event and forfeiting the right to hold such events in the future

    For general special events, applications must submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event in order to be processed. For larger-scale events, applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event as they require further processing.  

  3. Indemnification Agreement*
    I understand that
  4. Please submit with this application a signed indemnification agreement.
  5. Authorization of Merchant(s)
  6. If you're setting up your event in coordination with, or in front of a Village business, please have that business sign the Merchant Authorization Form
  7. Please feel free to upload any additional supporting documentation including a letter of intent/detailed description of the event.
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